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Past Senior Patrol Leaders

The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) sets the tone and leads the troop for a 6-month term, immediately after serving as Assistant SPL for the preceding six months. It is an elected position, voted upon by the entire troop after each candidate gives a speech. 

In a boy-led troop, the job of SPL is a significant responsibility. He organizes and leads a planning session at the start of his term, then cultivates his Patrol Leader Council (PLC) and conducts weekly troop meetings, monthly PLC meetings, and serves as leader for troop outings. 

This is a list of past Senior Patrol Leaders for Troop 400. The year given signifies the end of term. Troop 400 appreciates these young men for their service and contributions to our ongoing success.

Dylan V
Carsten B

Jacob Brown
Josh Lobdell

Logan Wolkey
Craig Robertson

Cameron Blegen
Ben Lobdell

Matthew Nelson
Garrett Major

Tyler Durall
Nick Cantrell

Hunter Simpson

Earlier SPLs are also appreciated but accurate records for that time period are currently missing.