Roster Access Help

If you are having issues accessing the roster try the below options before Pushing the "Request Access Button".

  • If you click the Open button from the Roster email and you see the message below "You need access" page

click on the email address below the words "You are signed in as"

Hopefully it will changed to a screen like the one below that says it will send a verification code to your Troop email address. Click the Send Button.

Your Troop email address should receive the access code to insert into the webpage that appears after you click Send.

  • If the above option(s) do not work, and you are using a non-gmail email address, consider adding or switching to a gmail address for Troop 400 emails. Some email providers do not always fully cooperate with google/gmail such that issues like a roster access issue can occur. This is not a requirement, you can stay with your preferred provider if you would like and submit the "Request Access" option discussed below. This is just being offered as a possible solution for this issue.
  • If the above option(s) do not work, press the blue button that says "Request Access". It may take a few days for this request to be processed.