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Knot Ninja  

Twice(ish) each year, we hold a competition to find out who can tie the 8 basic Scouting knots the fastest. Each patrol sends the member who is best at tying knots to represent their patrol in a tie-off. The winner is designated "Knot Ninja" - an honor held for six months and designated by a special black rope that is worn by the Ninja alone. Past Ninjas are recognized with a special red/blue/black rope, a permanent honor, and listed in the Hall of Fame below.

Current Knot Ninja: Bryan S (Gecko patrol) - Winter 2024

Knot Ninja Hall of Fame

2024:Winter - Bryan S (Gecko Patrol)
2023:Winter - Ashton H (Gecko Patrol)
2022:Winter - Caspian T (Jackalope Patrol)
2020:Winter - Keagan N (Phoenix patrol)
2018:Winter - Joshua H (Phoenix patrol)
2017:Summer - Hunter MB (Phoenix patrol)Winter - Charlie Appel (Spartan patrol)
2016:Summer - Ethan H (Spartan patrol)Winter - Sean C (Spartan patrol)
2015:Fall - Jacob Brown (Jackalope patrol)Spring - Brandon West (Wolverine patrol)
2014:Spring - Ben Lobdell (Jackalope patrol)
2013:Fall - Craig Robertson (Jackalope patrol)Spring - Seth Wolkey (Phoenix patrol)

Knot Quest: Gold Rope Earners

The gold rope is the crowning accomplishment of the the Troop 400 Knot Quest.  Before testing for your gold rope, you must first earn the red rope (8 basic Scouting knots) and the blue rope (6 lashings).

Troop 400 Gold Rope Earners

Joshua H (Phoenix patrol) - June 2020

Scribe Notes  

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