Wilderness Warrior Project - Camping Nights

For Troop 400 Scouts - how many nights have you camped outdoors as a Boy Scout? The charts below will tell you!Updates to these numbers may not happen for a few days after an event, so please be patient. If you have questions about your camping nights, contact your SPL.

See key at bottom of page. Can you reach the black Woggle?

New Camping Record
Woggle Chart

Troop 400 Black Woggle Earners 

Logan W (156 nights 2009-2016)Paul F (154 nights 2011-2018)Austin R (160 nights 2015-2022)Joshua H (180 nights 2015-2022) Caspian T (154 nights 2016-2022) Keegan N (159 nights 2016-2022) Sam E (160 nights 2016-2023) Chris H (161 nights 2016-2023) Zach E (151 nights 2018-Present)