Merit Badge Courses

The merit badges listed below will be offered to Troop 400 Scouts starting in the month shown. Check the Calendar for dates and times. Remember, some take more than 30 days to complete. If you have to choose between two, remember that most of the Eagle required badges are offered at some point during every year.

If there is a merit badge you want to take that is not being offered, check our list of counselors HERE then contact the counselor directly.

March 2020

Citizenship in the Community with Blake McKinley   Finish this MB based on e-mailed instructions

March 2020

Personal Management with Lesley Sandon        Postponed until further notice

April 2020

Personal Fitness with Greg Larratt         May or may not be in April, will notify

April/May 2020

First Aid with Sean Caulford             May or may not be in April, will notify

June 2020

Family Life with  Amanda Kopczynski               May or may not be in June, will notify

June 2020

Cooking with  Bruce Appel & Ron Desmet             May or may not be in June, will notify

To earn a merit badge:
1. Get a signed blue card (What is a Blue Card?) from a Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster and fill it out.
2. Sign-up or show up at the first session. Missed the first session? Contact the counselor to find out if you can still catch up.
3. Complete the badge according to the counselor's instruction. Some will required multiple class sessions.
4. Get your blue card completed and signed by your counselor AND a scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster.
5. Turn in your completed blue card to the Advancement Chair. (If you earn a partial completion, keep your blue card until you are able to finish the badge at another time.)

Need Additional Information about Merit Badges:  Merit Badges Details

Need a merit badge pamphlet? Check the Troop Library.