Photo Album

Here are some pictures of Troop 400 events and camp-outs
Our goal is to "Put the outing in Scouting" by camping every month of the year.  Here are some of our more memorable events from the past few years.
Sledding Campout - February 2018 (placeholder)

Snow Sports Campout - January 2018
Joshua H's Eagle Scout Project - January 2018
Christmas Tree Recycling (2017/2018)

Redeemer All Nighter - December 2017
Humans vs. Zombies Campout - November 2017
Amazing Race Campout October 2017
Rock Climbing Campout September 2017
Camp Meriwether August 2017 (Summer Camp)
June Mountain Biking Campout 2017
May Hiking Campout (McCrosky State Park) 2017
Leadership Outing 2017
March Shoshone 2017 (No Stove)
Survival Games 2017

August 29th Coh 2016
Water Sports August 2016
Fire Mountain 2016 (Summer Camp)
Whitewater Rafting, July 2016
50-Mile Hike, July 2016
Escure Ranch, June 2016 (No Stove)
Family Camp Out, May 2016 (Farragut State Park)
Pacific Lake Hike-in, April 2016
Shooting Sports, March 2016 (Cowels Scout Reservation)
Snow Caving, February 2016
Winter Campout, January 2016 (Cowels Scout Reservation)

No Stove, December 2015
Monster Academy, October 2015
MMOCTF, September 2015 (Escure Ranch)
Diamond Lake Water Sports 2015
Camp Easton, August 2015
High Adventure 50-Mile Canoe Trip, July 2015
Kettle Falls Canoe-in, July 2015
Survival Games - Pirate's Revenge!, June 2015
Backpacking McCroskrey State Park, May 2015
Spring Camporee, April 2015 (no photos)
Shooting Sports, March 2015
Pack 420 Crossover 2015
Leadership Training, March 2015
Fishtrap Hike-In, February 2015
Leadership Breakfast, February 2015 (no photos)
Klondike, January 2015

Overnighter, December 2014 (no photos)
No Stove Campout, November 2014 (no photos)
Zombie Camporee, October 2014
Rock Climbing, September 2014 (no photos)
Diamond Lake Water Sports, August 2014
High Adventure 50-Mile Hike, August 2014
Camp Fife, July/Aug 2014
Shakedown Hikes, July 2014
Survivor Games/Pirates, June 2014
Pacific Lake Hike-in, April 2014
Tree Planting, April 2014
Cameron B Eagle Scout Ceremony, April 2014
Crossover, March 2014
Shooting Campout, March 2014
Leadership Training, March 2014
Snow Caving, Febuary 2014
Lazer Tag, January 2014

More updates coming soon!


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