Melita Island 2013

Departure: Sunday, July 28 - meet at the church at 8 AM. Wear uniform! 
  • There will be a trailer for gear. 
  • Vehicle assignments will be worked out and recorded before we leave. Seating is tight.
  • Wear field uniform (tan shirt + neckerchief)
  • The trip will take about 4 hours. 
  • We will have lunch in Polson. Bring a brown bag lunch or money for McDonald's.

Saturday, August 3
  • Arrival time at Redeemer is TBD.
  • We may have to stop for a meal. Please reserve money for this.
Here are some useful links for our trip to summer camp at Camp Melita Island on Flathead Lake, Montana:

Program Guide - Includes available merit badges, etc.
Leader Guide - Other helpful info

Packing List ß filled with awesomeness!

There is cellular telephone service at Melita.
Verizon & AT&T mobile data service also appears to be available.
Wi-fi is available on a temporary basis based on need (i.e. work access) as approved by the Camp Director.

Visitors are very welcome at camp. Shuttles run at 8:30 AM, 1:00 PM, and 7:15 PM. Shuttle may be obtained at other times for a small fee. Check in at the office when you arrive for your wristband.
Camp transportation phone number: 406-868-8986

Travel Map

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